Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Osi Umenyiora...Bold Statement

Osi recently made a statement about two of the Male Athlete of Year nominees for the ESPY's awards. He mainly said that Tiger Woods (golfers in general) are not athletic and should not be eligible for the certain award. The next, and most ridiculous of the statement was that Tom Brady should not be eligible! Yea, Tom Brady, that guy who threw 50 touchdowns and led the Patriots to an amazing 18-1 season. Although Tom didn't win the big one, he still is great. Osi said that QB's are not athletic. When asked if he would beat Brady in a 40 yard dash he obviously said yes. Wow, this guy is amazing. Although golfing isn't exactly athletic , it still takes skill. I'd like to see Osi win the U.S. Open with a torn ACL ( Was it that?). As for my man Tom, Osi thinks QB's are nonathletic. This the most outrageous statement I've ever heard (exaggeration of course). Quarterbacks have to read defenses, escape defensive players, and of course pass the bass. So what I'm saying is that when a statement like this is made again, let's have a player who is actually a superstar or a veteran. I'm not saying Osi is a bad player, don't get me wrong, he's great. But when you talk about the world's greatest golfer or a Hall of Fame QB like this, I'll listen when it is someone of greater caliber. Imagine the Plain White T's telling Michael Jackson he is not good enough. Plain White T's = One hit wonder. MJ = A legend ( But kinda creepy) ;)

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